Indonesian famous solo singer, Ari Lasso, who is known as the former lead vocal in the rock band Dewa19 since 1991 until 1995, held a solo concert on 23 February 2013 at JCC, Jakarta. The concert was the singer’s first performance in solo concert to celebrate 20 years of his career in the Indonesia music industry. Ari performed his 31 hit songs in 3 hours alongside Magenta Orchestra. His hit songs that was performed included; Rahasia Perempuan, Cintaiku Sepenuh Hati, Cinta Sejati, Penjaga Hati, Patah Hati, Lirih and Cinta Sejati. The concert also featured Indonesian Divas like Bunga Citra Lestari, Melly Goeslow, and Titi DJ; the concert also featured a special performance from Dewa19 with its first formation Ahmad Dhani (Keyboard, Vocal), Andra Ramadhan (Guitar), Erwin Prasetya (Bass), Wawan Juniarso (Drum) and Ari Lasso (Lead Vocal), singing their hit from first album (1992) ‘Kangen’.