Shaolin Warriors showcases the remarkable skill, stunning movement, and spectacular imagery of Kung Fu in a dynamic, fully choreographed theatrical production. Featuring rarely seen Buddhist meditation alongside deadly martial-arts prowess, this breathtaking extravaganza follows the journey from a young child’s initiation into an ancient monastery to achieving fully fledged warrior status through diligent training and study. In addition to the incredible kung fu feats, the show also reflects the profoundness of Chinese Buddhism, the “Unity of Zen and Martial Arts” in particular. The first live on-stage Kung Fu spectacular of its kind, Shaolin Warriors has had audiences around the world gasping in disbelief at the awe inspiring demonstrations of hypnotic and death-defying feats. From the unmatched ensemble synchronization to the proficiency in the disciplined use of 18 traditional weapons, audiences will be amazed beyond the boundaries of their own belief. With highly charged choreography and stunning Kung Fu skills remaining at the core of its success, and supported by stunning scenery, atmospheric music, spectacular lighting and costumes, Shaolin Warriors has amazed over 700,000 overseas audiences to date when it toured through the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Switzerland

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